Week 1 Wrap Up + Monday Night Preview

Now that Week 1 of college football is mostly in the books, I will offer my thoughts on how the games played out, offer up my current Top 10, and also preview tonights special Labor Day edition of college football.

Starting on Thursday, the team that stood out most to me was Oklahoma State, their offense seemed unstoppable at times and they did it both in the running game and the passing game, with a balanced offense, they could be a possible threat to win the Big 12.  The next team I was impressed with was the last 20 minutes that Ohio State played, Freshman Running Back, J.K. Dobbins ran for 181 yards on 29 carries in his debut, and for the final quarter, the Buckeyes looked like the #2 team in the country.  However if the inability to defend the pass continues, I can’t help but think a team like Oklahoma or Penn State will give them fits.

Moving to Friday night, I was underwhelmed by Washington’s performance, along with the first half played by Wisconsin, while they both picked it up in the second half, a better opponent would have provided a serious threat to upsetting these Top 10 teams if performances like that continue.  However on the bright side, both Army and Navy came up with very convincing wins, scoring a combined 108 points, setting up the start to what I believe will be a compelling race between these two all year until their December matchup.  The last team to stand out to me was Boston College, to open their season with a new QB, on the road at 9:30pm, and to gut out a 23-20 win, that was impressive but a real test comes next week when they host Wake Forest in the ACC opener.

On Saturday, I was impressed with Alabama’s performance to a point, it feels that this may be a team with equal amount of talent all around the field, but I am still not sold that Jalen Hurts will lead them to a National Championship.  Without two huge special teams plays, this would have been a very close game, however the Tide did pick up the best win of Week 1.  Clemson, Penn St, and Oklahoma all dominated lesser opponents going into their huge Week 2 match ups, where we will actually find out what these teams are made of.  The unit I was most impressed with on Saturday was Michigan’s defense, while Florida hasn’t had a good Quarterback in nearly 10 years, the Wolverines still kept them to 3 points on offense and actually outscored them, as they recovered a fumble in the endzone.  A few teams who won but didn’t impress me were, Lousiville, South Florida, Pittsburgh, Northwestern and Nebraska.  While I still believe that each of those teams are capable of a special season, I will need to see more out of them than they gave while beating lower competition Week 1, but a win is a win, and they remain on the radar going forward.  Wrapping up Saturdays action, a few unranked teams that stood out to me in their wins are; Vanderbilt, South Carolina and Cal picking up big wins away from home and Iowa, Notre Dame and Marshall, all picking up home wins over teams that went to bowl games last season.

Possibly the two best games of the entire weekend took place on Sunday night, where Virginia Tech lead by Josh Jackson really showed they are here to contend for an ACC championship, and with three easy games coming up, a September 30th game, at home against Clemson looms huge.  UCLA lead by Josh Rosen, who is my player of the weekend with 491 passing yards and 4 TD’s, erased a 44-10 deficit against Texas A&M and won 45-44.

My Post Week 1 Top 10:

1:  Alabama

2:  Clemson

3:  Penn State

4:  Ohio State

5:  Oklahoma

6:  Oklahoma State

7:  USC

8:  Florida State

9:  Michigan

10:  LSU


After the first 91 games of the college football season my record at picking games is:

My Record:  80-11

Against the Spread:  21-21-1

And here is my prediction for the game tonight between Tennessee and Georgia Tech:

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 10.50.13 AM


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